Introducing Islay's Terrace Studio & Shop

RIP Homeslice. Introducing Islay’s Terrace Studio & Shop! 

It feels like just yesterday our little Homeslice was born. But really, it was nearly four years ago (!!) that I said yes to the metaphorical dress and opened up my first baby brick and mortar. 

We’ve come a long way since then. We’ve grown, changed, found our footing. But in that time, it’s also made me realize a lot of things. It’s time to say goodbye to our Homeslice name. 


I repeat, do not panic, this is not a goodbye.

I opened up this little shop as a way to give a permanent home to my fiber arts brand, Islay’s Terrace, as well as to have a place to share the local brands and makers I love. Since closing our first brick and mortar space at Bow Market, I’ve done a lot of soul searching and it keeps leading me back to my roots, to the thing that brought me to this little shop in the first place….

So I’m pleased to introduce you to our new shop name: Islay’s Terrace Studio & Shop. 

It’s the same little shop you know and love (although we actually have some really awesome and exciting new things in the works too, AND our brick and mortar space is coming along!) but I think this more cohesive name weaves the two brands together in a way that’s right for our future. The shop *is* the studio for my own goods. It *is* my little maker space for my work. I think I spent the last four years hiding how much personal involvement and *me* went into the store, sometimes pushing my own work to the backburner. 

What’s new: 

  • Starting today our instagram handle will now be @islaysterraceshop
  • You can find the shop website using and the old URL will continue to be live for a year in case you have bookmarked it or forget the new one.
  • You’ll now see the Islay’s Terrace logo on our branding and packaging. (Though you may continue to see Homeslice stuff on packaging and orders since I want to be eco-friendly and there is no sense in sending our old stuff to the trash. Also, a name change *is hard* and I am a one-woman-shop so it might take a while to find all the little nooks and crannies where our old name and logo hide, so bear with me during this "construction".

I’m excited to be taking this step forward to knit these two brands more firmly together. I’m so glad you’re here with me and part of this journey. 

Xoxo, Jillian
Islay’s Terrace Studio & Shop


BTW: Who is Islay? She’s our kitty! I adopted her eleven years ago from MSPCA Boston when I was a volunteer there writing the cat bios, taking photos of the adoptable cats and feeding the newly arrived kittens. Islay is pronounced “eye-lah” and is an island off the coast of Scotland.