We are a small shop with a big personality. 

Our mission is to provide a curated selection of handmade goods, created with heart, by hand.

We are the studio shop for Islay's Terrace and Jillian Audrey Photography, products that are both made by our shop owner, Jillian, and featured here in our Somerville, MA shop.

It’s important to us that you know where the items you purchase come from. The work sold in our shop is all handmade, small batch, and made by individual artists, not big factories. Many of our artists use eco-friendly and sustainable business practices that help and give back to our environment. We offer home decor, art, and gifts for a comfy and cozy home, and items that you’ll be proud to own and give to others. 

Each item you purchase from our store supports an indie maker, small business and entrepreneur. 95% of the makers in our store are women-owned businesses. Thanks for supporting small and our community. xoxo.

Visit our shop in person at:
Bow Market, 1 Bow Market Way #29
Somerville, MA 02143

Homeslice Shop

House brands/things we make:

A few of the handmade brands you can find in the shop:

  • 1818 Farms
  • Allison McKeen
  • And Here We Are
  • Andria Green
  • Archie's Press
  • Bees Knees Industries
  • Boss Dotty
  • Braid and Wood
  • Brian Giniewski
  • Brothers Artisan Oil *
  • C & M Ceramics
  • Cactus Club Paper
  • Carmi Clay *
  • Clever Clove
  • Crafted Moon
  • Craftsman Soap Company
  • Dancing Cat
  • Dot and Army
  • Early Bird Designs *
  • Echoview Fiber Mill
  • Everyday Olive
  • Faithful Hound
  • Frog and Toad Press
  • Foxfire Creative Studio *
  • Ghost Academy
  • Gingiber
  • Glory Ceramics *
  • The Good Twin
  • Goodsmith
  • Good and Well Supply
  • Frostbeard
  • Hearth & Harrow
  • Hennel Paper Co.
  • Honeyberry Studios
  • Ideal Bookshelf
  • Jenna Vanden Brink Ceramics
  • Johnsteen Company
  • Kind Lips
  • Kurier
  • Ladyfingers Letterpress
  • Leah Ducan
  • Line and Dot
  • Little Bear Illustration *
  • Little Man Originals *
  • Little Pancakes *
  • Loudhouse Creative
  • Lovewild
  • Luna Pines *
  • Maisonwares
  • MapleXO
  • Maptote
  • Margins
  • Marley's Monsters
  • Moon River Naturals
  • Obvious State
  • Ollie and Max
  • Paper Parasol Press
  • Party of One
  • Revel Revel *
  • Rise and Fall *
  • Sepia Lepus
  • Sloe Gin Fizz
  • Stitch Prism
  • Sweet Pickles 
  • Treeline and Tide *
  • Vessel Candle Co. *
  • WAM Industries
  • Wildship Studio
  • Worthwhile Paper Co.
  • Xenotees
  • Zooguu *

* Made in Massachusetts 


When will my order ship?
Due to COVID-19 please expect some slight delays in shipping. We are currently shipping approximately once a week.

How do you ship?
Most orders ship by USPS First Class which takes 4-5 days. If your order is heavier than 1 pound it will ship via USPS Priority which takes appx 1-3 days.

Can you ship internationally?
I'm currently only shipping orders in the US. But please sign up for my e-newsletter as I will be adding international shipping soon!

Where are you located?
Our studio shop is located in Union Square in Somerville, MA at Bow Market (1 Bow Market Way #29.) You can find the embroidery and photography sold in shop locally at shows throughout the Boston and New England area!


Get in touch: homesliceshop@gmail.com